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Skipton Beer Festival 2019 is on the way

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Beer, Cider, Perry and Foreign Beer

Skipton Beer Festival 2018

12th to 14th April

Ermysted's Grammar School


Beer list for Skipton Beer Festival 2018. The list is as at 29th March, we hope this will be what will be on offer for the festival but there is always the chance we might have some changes before we pull the first pint, we will try to update the list to reflect any changes.
Beer County Tasting notes
3 Piers Brewery Old Station Porter (4.7%) Lancashire A rich dark porter that packs a punch with English and German hops and malts.
3 Piers Brewery Tower Power (5.2%) Lancashire Dark Ruby strong and flavoursome Bitter Ale.
Abstract Jungle Easy (4.4%) Nottinghamshire Biscuit caramel & chocolate notes with subtle Cascade, Citra & Centennial flavours.
Atom Schrodingers Cat (3.5%) East Riding Schrodinger’s Cat is a paradox, as is this beer. Brewed to be low in alcohol, but full in body. A strong malt backbone supports a one-two punch of Mosaic and Citra hops.
Atom Planck's Constant (5.6%) East Riding A classic Vienna Pale Ale brewed with all German malts and using modern German hop varieties Huell Melon and Mandarina Bavaria.
Batemans XB (3.7%) Lincolnshire A well rounded, smooth malty beer with a blackcurrant fruity background. Hops flourish initially before giving way to a bittersweet dryness that enhances the mellow malty ending.
Beer Monkey Blonde Rogue (3.8%) North Yorkshire (L) Fruity, hoppy bitter taste develops into a dry bitter grapefruit peel finish. Grapefruit aroma.
Beer Monkey Uncle Monk's IPA (4.5%) North Yorkshire (L) Full bodied best bitter. Malty and nutty with an orange citrus edge, leading into a bitter sweet finish.
Bingley Mosaic (4.6%) West Yorkshire (L) Pale golden coloured bitter. Single hopped with the US Mosaic hop. Aromas of fresh tropical fruit and pine. Mango, pine, citrus and herbs fizzing on the palate. Slightly dry finish.
Bingley Big DIPA (7.5%) West Yorkshire (L) A robust New Zealand Double IPA. Rakau, Pacifica, Wai-ti and Southern Cross hops blended; dry-hopped with Rakau for an extra punch. Apricot, orange, lemon and lime and tropical fruit flavours zing over the palate. A lasting moreish finish. Unfined and naturally hazy.
Box Social Kaffir Lime Leaf (3.9%) Tyne & Wear Bitter, crisp and super floral session IPA brewed with Kaffir Lime Leaf.
Box Social Campfire Porter (7%) Tyne & Wear Dark sweet porter with lactose, toasted marshmallow, Pumphreys coffee, vanilla and cocoa.
Bragdy Conwy Honey Fayre (4.5%) North Wales Honey aromas, soft bitterness and clean lasting finish.
Brass Castle Bad Kitty (5.5%) North Yorkshire Robust dark porter, enhanced with vanilla.
Bridgehouse Pale Bandit (3.6%) West Yorkshire (L) Certified gluten free. A gold colour with faint hop aroma, high carbonation and slight haze. Initial sweetness in the mouth but drying out considerably to the end and leaving a good bitter palate to finish.
Bridgehouse Tequila Blonde (3.8%) West Yorkshire (L) Refreshing blonde, initially sweet with hints of lime, finishing with a slight tingling aftertaste.
Bridgehouse Holy Cow (5.6%) West Yorkshire (L) Light brown strong ale with juicy malt and full hop flavour, citrus overtones. Light hop aroma & a bitter slightly astringent finish.
Brown Cow Mrs Simpsons Thriller in Vanilla (5.1%) North Yorkshire A scrumptious rich porter brewed with fresh vanilla pods complimenting the complex dark malts. A Thriller in Vanilla that packs a punch.
Castle Rock Harvest Pale (3.8%) Nottinghamshire Pale yellow bitter ale, full of hop aroma and flavour. Refreshing with a mellowing aftertaste and crisp finish. CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain 2010.
Charnwood Salvation (3.8%) Leicestershire A light refreshing golden beer, with tropical fruit, citrus, and floral flavours. American Cascade and Amarillo hops create a citrus aroma, and crisp clean bitterness on the finish.
Dark Horse Craven Bitter (3.8%) North Yorkshire (L) Well-balanced bitter with biscuity malt and fruit on the nose continuing into the taste. Bitterness increases in the finish.
Dark Horse Hetton Pale Ale (4.2%) North Yorkshire (L) Golden, well-balanced, full-bodied, with hoppy bitterness on the palate overlaying a malty base and a spicy citrus character.
Donkeystone Bray (4%) Greater Manchester Amber & Crystal Malts give a good base for bitterness coming from predominantly UK hops - with an added twist of US Cascade to bring out the fruit.
Donkeystone Dapa Donkey (6.5%) Greater Manchester Boasting three times the IBU bitterness of our DPA, this Double American Pale Ale uses Simcoe, Cascade, Chinook and Magnum. Its exceptional body and malt backbone is thanks to the addition of Caramalt during the mash
Exmoor Gold (4.5%) Somerset The original Golden Ale, with balance of malt and fruity hop on the nose and palate with sweetness following. Bitter finish.
Fernandes Black Voodoo (5.1%) West Yorkshire Black moreish beer with a chocolate, orangey, vanilla flavour coming through.
Five Towns Owt'll Do (4.6%) West Yorkshire Easy drinking Dark Mild with added rum.
Five Towns One at T'end (6.7%) West Yorkshire American Style IPA, brewed with 6 American Hop varieties and a bucket load of New Zealand Nelson Sauvin. Tropical, citrus and grapefruit flavours abound.
Fixed Wheel Full Gas (5.3%) West Midlands Full on American IPA brewed with Citra, Equinox & Simcoe. Layers of saturated fruit on a sweet malt base.
Goose Eye Barm Pot (3.8%) West Yorkshire (L) Bitter, hop and fruit flavours dominate this golden session bitter, over a malty base. Increasingly dry and bitter finish.
Goose Eye Pommies Revenge (5.2%) West Yorkshire (L) Golden strong bitter combining grassy hops, a cocktail of fruit flavours, a peppery hint and a hoppy, bitter finish.
Great Heck Rewind 33 Special #1 Walk of Life (4%) North Yorkshire Our Rewind 33 special series inspired by classic songs from 33 years ago - Best Bitter with tons of fruity flavours from new Slovenian hops, perfectly balanced with a clean malt palette.
Great Heck Snazzy Beer (4.5%) North Yorkshire This hoppy golden beer is brewed with Chinook, Columbus and Topaz then dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin giving it a bold hop character with plenty of fruitiness and a resinous quality - hence the name.
Great Newsome Pricky Back Otchan (4.2%) East Yorkshire Medium bodied golden session bitter. Nutty, toffee aroma with complex butterscotch. Mild citrus notes through to a satisfying bitterness
Green Jack Orange Wheat (4.2%) Suffolk A golden 'wheat' beer, brewed with 40% wheat malt and a combination of fresh and dry orange peels. It has a restrained zesty citrus flavours from the hops and the peels, balanced with soft sweetness from the wheat malt.
Green Jack Ripper (8.5%) Suffolk CAMRA Winter Beer of Britain 2018 champion Barley Wine. Inspired by Belgian Tripel ales, this multi-award winning brew is dangerously drinkable. Rich amber in colour; Ripper is sweet and fruity with a robust hop character and a warming finish.
Hopback Summer Lightning (5%) Wiltshire An extremely pleasant, straw coloured beer with a terrific fresh, hoppy aroma. This, coupled with an intense bitterness, leads to an excellent long, dry finish.
Hopcraft Brewing So Much to Answer for (3.6%) Wales A "Pennine" style Mild, golden in colour and with rich biscuity malt flavours.
Lincolnshire Centennial Flight (4.1%) Lincolnshire A pale ale brewed with Centennial Hops and dry hopped with Pilot, brewed to celebrate the 100 year Anniversary of the RAF in Lincolnshire.
Little Valley Ginger Pale Ale (4%) West Yorkshire (L) Full-bodied speciality ale. Ginger predominates in the aroma and taste. It has a pleasantly powerful, fiery and spicy finish.
Little Valley Vanilla Porter (4.5%) West Yorkshire (L) Dark Brown speciality beer. Dark roast and fruit blend successfully with flavours of vanilla to create a smooth mellow porter.
Mourne Mountains Clan Rye (4.3%) Northern Ireland Brewed with Dark Crystal Rye malt & well hopped with NZ varieties.
Navigation Teutonic Peach (4.1%) Nottinghamshire German wheat Beer with hints of Peach flavours from German Hops.
Naylor's Land of Hops and Glory (3.9%) West Yorkshire (L) Celebrate St George’s Day with this rich, smooth traditional English bitter. Heavily hopped to start with a slight hoppy ending.
Naylor's The Other Arthur (4%) West Yorkshire (L) Well done Arthur who invented the famous dark beer, but how about the same beer but pale as it comes. Oats and crystal provide the body.
Newby Wyke Lusty (4.4%) Lincolnshire Melon citrus hops and citrus aroma predominate in this certified Gluten Free IPA.
North Riding US Session IPA (3.8%) North Yorkshire US Session features Amarillo, Cascade & HBC 431. The three hops combine really well to produce citrus flavours of grapefruit, orange and lemon notes
North Riding Banoffee Porter (5%) North Yorkshire Lots of Banoffee goodness added to our new desert style dark beer, with six different malts and English hops that provide the backbone to this smooth, rounded Porter.
Okells Bitter (3.7%) Isle of Man A golden coloured beer with a full malt and hops aroma, with a long lasting dry-ish hoppy complex finish.
Okells Castletown (4%) Isle of Man A pale ale, Castletown is a straw coloured bitter with a distinct citric hop aroma.
Okells IPA (4.5%) Isle of Man The sweetness is offset by a very strong hopping rate that gives the finished beer an overall roundness with very spicy lemony notes and a fine dry finish to counteract the initial sweetness.
Old Spot Light but Dark (4%) West Yorkshire (L) Chestnut-coloured bitter with a slight malty taste and pleasant bitter finish. An ideal session beer.
Old Spot Spot O'Bother (5.5%) West Yorkshire (L) Porter with a chocolate ice cream taste and slight liquorice bitterness to finish.
Ossett Treacle Stout (5%) West Yorkshire A rich and robust stout. The addition of black treacle gives intense depth and roasted malts impart a coffee flavour. Generous amounts of hops add a dry citrus finish to this complex black ale.
Pentrich Shoot the Servant (3.8%) Derbyshire Dark Bitter with flavours of toasted caramel, subtle chocolate and a delicate fruitiness.
Pheasantry Best Bitter (3.8%) Nottinghamshire This is a smooth tasting copper coloured beer, with medium bitterness and low to medium sweetness and a light spicy aroma.
Purple Moose Elderflower Ale (4%) Wales Cwrw Ysgawen/Elderflower Ale is a refreshing pale ale brewed from Welsh mountain water and natural ingredients. Cascade hops are used for aroma, with the added indulgence of elderflowers, creating a superb floral bouquet and a delectable sweet citrus finish.
Rat Rattus Rattus (4.3%) West Yorkshire In this characteristically hazy wheat beer, flavours of banana & cloves are dominant thanks to the use of German wheat beer yeast. Fresh coriander gives a herbal spicy aroma which combines with German hops added at the end of the boil.
Revolutions Blackcurrant Liquorice Mild (4.5%) West Yorkshire We're celebrating Dream Academy's 'Life In A Northern Town' by collaborating with our Castleford friends Bake My Day and Castleford Heritage Trust on a Blackcurrant Liquorice Mild.
Revolutions Swoon (4.5%) West Yorkshire Multi Award winning Milk Stout with moreish flavours of chocolate fudge. Described as a dessert in a glass.
Riverhead Sherbert Lemon (4%) West Yorkshire (L) A light and refreshing lager colour clear wheat beer flavoured with lemon grass & lime leaves. Hopped with plenty of citrus hops to provide a thirst quenching pint.
Salopian Half Life (3.7%) Shropshire The taste is crisp, with lightly juicy citrusy hops; floral notes of lime and mango stand out. Dry and clean in the finish, a slight bitterness lingers, clean with a very light and vibrant mouthfeel.
Saltaire Triple Chocoholic (4.8%) West Yorkshire (L) Chocolate malts, cocoa and chocolate essence combines to provide a strong chocolate bouquet and a rich chocolate flavour. Good hopping provides the balancing bitterness.
Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild (6%) West Midlands A dark ruby strong ale with a good balance of fruit and hops, leading to a pleasant, lingering hops and malt finish.
Settle Attermire IPA (4.2%) North Yorkshire (L) Packed with hops, this IPA is balanced with the finest English malt to make it a mouth-watering session ale.
Settle Blood Orange IPA (4.8%) North Yorkshire (L) Packed with fresh blood orange and citrus pith for perfect balance in this IPA.
Swannay Dark Monro (4%) Orkney The nose presents an intense roast hit which is followed by plums and blackcurrant in the mouth. The strong roast malt continues into the aftertaste.
Timothy Taylor's Dark Mild (3.5%) West Yorkshire (L) Malt and caramel dominate throughout in this sweetish beer with background hop and fruit notes.
Timothy Taylor's Boltmaker (4%) West Yorkshire (L) Tawny bitter combining hops, fruit & biscuity malt. Lingering, increasingly bitter aftertaste. Formerly & sometimes still sold as Best Bitter.
Timothy Taylor's Landlord (4.3%) West Yorkshire (L) A moreish bitter combining citrus peel aromas, malt and grassy hops, marmalade sweetness and a long bitter finish.
Timothy Taylor's Ram Tam (4.3%) West Yorkshire (L) A black beer with red highlights topped by a coffee coloured head. Burnt caramel on the nose, sweetish caramel taste leading to a light sweet finish.
Timothy Taylor's Cook Lane (5.8%) West Yorkshire (L) Named after the site of Timothy Taylor’s first brewery in Keighley. The brewers wanted to create a best in class modern IPA using aromatic English grown Cascade and Chinook hops. This gives the beer a less harsh and more gentle flavour profile than many of the extreme, hoppy IPAs.
Welbeck Abbey Helen's Let's get Fiscal (5.3%) Nottinghamshire Helen holds the purse strings in this microbrewery but is now a real ale convert from Bacardi & Coke! New Zealand IPA pale ale with tangy pineapple flavours.
Wishbone Strauss (4.9%) West Yorkshire (L) Wishbone's first Lager and they are keeping it simple. Lager malt, Vienna malt, German Mittlefruh hops, lager yeast and acidulated malt to tweak the mash pH. Unfined and unfiltered.
Wishbone Abyss2 (6.8%) West Yorkshire (L) Neptune Brewery do a stout called Abyss too so we thought we would get together to brew a Double version, and rather than one brewer having a hissy fit at the other because they are using the same name we are being all grown up like. Unfined.
Worsthorne Old Trout (4.5%) Lancashire (L) Well flavoured red/brown ale.
Worsthorne Colliers Clog (5.5%) Lancashire (L) A strong pale ale lightly bittered with spicy overtones and citrus finish.
Yorkshire Heart Off the Wheaten Path (3.5%) North Yorkshire A gluten free golden wheat ale with light citrus overtones.

Donkeystone Poni NZPA (6.5%)Greater Manchester 

Beers marked (L) are part of the Keighley & Craven 'LocAle' scheme.

Perries and ciders

Cider/Perry Tasting Notes
Bad Boy Cider (Northamptonshire) - Dabinett (6%) Cloudy, single variety cider using the versatile Dabinett cider apple. Deep golden with a nutty taste.
Cotswold Cider (Oxfordshire) - Yellowhammer Carnival (6%) Rich, fruity medium cider full of bittersweet tannins. Hazy orange with a green apple aroma.
Dorset Nectar (Dorset) - Sweet Maiden (5%) Organic cider, ripe with natural sweetness which has a velvety aftertaste.
Green Valley (Devon) - Medium Cider (5.5%) Made only from a blend of freshly pressed Devon apples and slowly fermented. Winner of many awards.
Grumpy John (West Yorkshire) - Dry Cider (6%) A sharp, dry traditional, locally produced cider. Refreshing 'eastern style' cider made with a higher proportion of dessert apples.
Handmade/Presshead (wiltshire) - Crazy Diamond (6.8%) Medium sweet cider blended from finest bittersweet cider apples. Hints of rum and oak on the aroma. Plenty of tannins with moderate acidity.
Haywood Farm (Cornwall) - Sweet Cider (6%) Clear and pale golden, with a soft floral apple aroma. Produced on an ancient granite press on a farm near Wadebridge.
Mr. Whitehead’s (Hampshire) - Midnight Special Perry (5%) Unique blend of fresh dessert and perry pears with no added sugar. Medium dry and full bodied.
Orchard Pig (Somerset) - Navelgazer (6%) Initial tannin aroma leads to a rich, dry taste with sherry and tropical fruit notes, with a clean, zesty finish.
Snailsbank (Herefordshire) - Very Perry (5.1%) Fruity, medium, pale yellow perry with complex, yet spicy flavours. Made from Stinking Bishop perry pears.
Thistly Cross (Scotland) - Whisky Cask Cider (6.9%) Light to taste, with more deep, medium dry, flavours developing. Matured in ex-Glen Moray casks, imparting mellow, vanilla oak notes.

Foreign Beer

Country Brewery Beer Style Description
Belgium Boon Framboise (5%) Raspberries Intense red raspberry aroma and flavour from the use of real raspberries on a young Lambic Ale. Hints of oak with a dry and tart finish
Belgium Boon Oude Gueze (7%) Gueuze This Lambic beer is aged for 1, 2 or 3 years in oak casks. The blend, a mild average 18 months old Lambic (unsweetened, unfiltered, unpasteurised) is refermented in the bottle and can be stored up to 20 years.
Belgium Brouwerij Anders! Paljas Bruin (6%) Strong Brown Traditional Belgian brown beer of high fermentation with refermentation in the bottle. A rather dry dark speciality beer made with dark malts and 4 hops who are giving a rich flavor. Contains Barley Malt.
Belgium Brouwerij Het Anker Gouden Carolus Tripel (9%) Tripel Big white head. Citrus, bananas, orange combined with soft bitters. Perfect triple.
Belgium Brouwerij Huyghe Delirium Red (8%) Fruit Cherry Deep dark red colour, with a light pink, compact and lacing head. Scent: Soft fruity aroma, with hints of almond and mildly sour cherries. Flavour: Sweet and fruity, with a nice balance between sweet and sour
Belgium Brouwerij Huyghe Delirium Tremens (8.5%) Strong Blond Clear yellow to orange colour with a medium white head. Aroma of grains, malts, candy and banana. Taste is slightly floral and fruity with a soft candy finish. Bottle Conditioned.
Belgium De Halve Maan Straffe Hendrik Brugs Quadrupel (11%) Abt/Quadrupel  Rich and intense dark ale combining a clean dryness with a warm full bodied mouth feel and essences of fruit and a chewy, malty complex character. Secondary fermentation in the bottle.
Belgium Eutropius Stoot (7%) Strong Blond Hazy highly conditioned pale ale with hints of lemon, mango and sharp zest on the tongue with a dry tingling aftertaste.
Belgium Hanssens Oude Gueuze (6%) Gueuze Hanssens is a mixture of several lambic vintages to produce a Gueuze which is refreshingly fruity, Secondary fermentation in the bottle and stored for a minimum of 6 month in cool cellars.
Belgium Liefmans Goudenband (8%) Lambic Brown An unsurpassed old brown with the richness and complexity of a vintage wine, with notes of maltiness and tartness throughout.
Belgium Lindemans Cassis (3.5%) Blackcurrent Lambic made from local barley, unmalted wheat, and wild yeast. After spontaneous fermentation it is aged in oak. Blackcurrants are added creating a secondary fermentation and yielding an ale of exceptional flavor and complexity.
Belgium Lindemans Framboise (2.5%) Raspberries A clean natural tasting brew with undertones of fresh raspberries and a wonderful aroma.
Belgium Lindemans Kriek (3.5%) Fruit Cherry Sparkling brew which is smooth and refreshing, made with 25% cherry juice. Aroma and Taste predominantly cherry with underlying tartness from the Lambic Beer beneath.
Belgium Lindemans Pecheresse (2.5%) Peach A golden peach Lambic with a sparkling appearance and fruity taste.
Belgium Omer Vander Ghinste Brasserie LeFort (9%) Dark Ruby Strong Established 1854 by Felix Verscheure, G-grandfather of Omer Vander Ghinste, Brasserie LeFort joined Brewery Omer Vander Ghinste in 1911. LeFort is a dark, complex ale with an intense taste. Refermented in the bottle.
Belgium Rochefort 10 (11.3%) Abt/Quadrupel Dark color, full and very impressive taste. Strong plum, raisin, and black currant palate, with ascending notes of vinousness and other complexities.
Belgium Rodenbach Grand Cru (6%) Sour Red/Brown A blend of 1/3 young beer and 2/3 beer aged 2 years in large oak vats.
Belgium St-Feuillien Blonde (7.5%) Strong Blond This light ale has a deep golden colour with a smooth, frothy head. Very perfumed with aromatic hops and a fruity (citrus) note from the spices used in production.
Belgium Tilquin Gueuze (6.4%) Gueuze Nicely balanced, subtle tartness and funk, more grapes and light lemon, very deep. Tart finish, refreshing
Belgium Timmermans Strawberry Lambicus (4%) Strawberry Its strawberry flavour confirms the initial aroma without being overly sweet, but also has a sense of freshness reminiscent of the green seeds of the fruit.
Belgium Van Honsebrouck Kasteel Rouge (8%) Dark Cherry Fruit Kasteel Rouge is a blend of Kasteel Donker and cherry liquor. The mix of these two excellent products creates an exceptional soft beer with references to the dark mother beer.
Belgium Westmalle Dubbel (7%) Abt/Dubbel A reddish brown trappist ale with a full, pale yellow head. The bouquet is full of esters and fruitiness. Notes of ripe banana predominate. The taste is malty, fruity and slightly bitter, with a long, dry finish.
Czech Bernard Sváteční Ležák (5%) Czech Pilsner Meaning Celebration Lager, this is a bottle conditioned unpasteurised beer made with malts from the Bernard Malthouse.
Czech Bernard Bohemian Ale (8.2%) Czech Belgian IPA Despite its 8.2 % alcohol has a fresh fruity scent, clean malty flavor with a pinch of spicy coriander and subtle warmth in the aftertaste. Bottle conditioned.
Czech Chodovar Zámecké Černé (4.2%) Dark Pilsner Dark, clear brown with a big caramel head in this bottom fermented beer. Taste is creamy, malty, smokeyness sneaks back on the finish. Name means Black Castle
Czech Chodovar Zámecké "Mr Albi" Special (5.1%) Czech Pilsner A golden colour, pleasant hop bouquet and full malt taste with a touch of gentle bitterness brewed from Czech green (fresh) hops & lagered for 4 months in underground cave cellars
Czech Měšťanský Havlíčkův Brod Rebel Sváteční Special (6.2%) Czech Pilsner Pale special beer for exceptional occasions endowed with delicious bitterness. Longer maturation period results in well balanced and rich flavor. Brewed for Christmas & Easter.
Czech Měšťanský Havlíčkův Brod Rebel IPA (6.3%) Czech IPA Czech version of an IPA made with four different barley malts, one wheat malt and three Czech bitter and aromatic hops.
Germany Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Weizen (5.2%) Smoked Wheat Brewed with a mixture of both barley malt and wheat malt this has a light smokey aroma from the classic Schlenkerla smokemalt, while the wheat malt remains unsmoked. Served unfiltered with its natural haziness.
Germany Aecht Schlenkerla Helles Lagerbier (4.3%) Dortmunder/Helles Schlenkerla Helles is brewed with fine Bavarian aroma hops from the area around the city of Nürnberg. It’s lagered in century old caves underneath the historic Schlenkerla brewery and maltings.
Germany Ayinger Jahrhundert (5.5%) Dortmunder/Helles First brewed in 1978 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brewery. Golden-yellow colour with a flowery honey-ish aroma, spicy taste and is full-bodied finishing with well-balanced bitterness
Germany Erdinger Urweisse (4.9%) Hefeweizen Pours cloudy gold with a nice moderate white froth. Aroma is grain, wheat and light hop. Taste is chewy wheat, banana, yeast and light hops
Germany Erdinger Weissbier Alkoholfrei (0.4%) Low Alcohol The famous Erdinger Blue is brewed under the strict Bavarian Purity Law this clear golden beer has a grainy aroma & flavour balanced with a light malt and slight sweetness. Low Alcohol.
Germany Hofbräuhaus München Original (5.1%) Dortmunder/Helles Pale golden brew with a generous, fluffy white head. light aromas and flavours of buttery malt with a nice hop finish. Light bodied and delicious.
Germany Maisel Maisel’s Weisse Original (5.2%) Hefeweizen Traditional Weiss bier made according to the old Bavarian style with fruit, spice and yeast in the bottle.
Germany Schneider Weisse Aventinus Tap 6 (8.2%) Dark Strong Wheat Dark-ruby colored wheat doppelbock with a creamy fine head. Strong notes of ripe bananas, raisins and plums meet liquorice and roasty aromes. Full-bodied and warming, with a well-balanced and smooth finish.
Germany Schneider Weisse Festweisse Tap 4 (6.2%) Wheat Ingredients: water, organic wheat malt, organic barley malt, organic Cascade hops, organic Hallertauer hops, and yeast.
Germany Uerige Obergärige Hausbrauerei Uerige Alt (4.7%) Alt Blond Copper/amber with a beautiful white/beige head. Aroma of malts, nuts and spicy hops. Taste is malty, nutty and bitter. Biscuits, caramel, grains. Long lingering hoppy bitter aftertaste.
Holland T'ij IPA (7%) IPA A dark-blonde beer with an emphatic, hoppy flavour when hops are also added to the maturing process. It has aromas of grapefruit and flowers and a fruity, bitter aftertaste that lingers.
Ireland Boyne Brewhouse Irish Craft IPA (6.8%) IPA Slightly hazy deep golden colour with abundant fruity citrus aroma with a hint of pine. On the palate there is bitter citrus and resin. A big bodied beer that can stand up to the hops with a long dry finish
Ireland Boyne Brewhouse Irish Craft Saison (5.5%) Saison Dry, Bitter & peppery saison. A classic traditional ‘Farmhouse Beer’ with a very pale colour, light and effervescent mouth-feel with a unique spicy yeast character that dominates on the palate with a dry citrus finish.
Ireland Carlow Brewing Co: O'Hara's Leann Follain Extra Irish Stout (6%) Strong Stout Flavours of Dark Chocolate, hints of vanilla combined with a mild coffee aroma.
Ireland Carlow Brewing Co: O'Hara's Notorious Red IPA (5%) Red IPA 6 different types of speciality malt including Cara & Munich and 5 different hop varieties this Red IPA give this beer a spicy, floral and grapefruit character with a clean balanced bitterness.
Ireland Jack Cody's Puck (4.5%) Pilsner Made with a light coloured lager malt with Perle and Hallertau German hops added for bittering and flavouring. This beer is conditioned for up to 3 weeks after fermentation to give the beer a very smooth finish
Ireland Jack Cody's Smiggy (4.8%) Amber Ale Pale ale malt with light and dark crystal malts, fermented with an American Ale yeast and bittered and flavoured with Simcoe and Citra hops
Ireland JJ Craft Brewing Co Balbec IPA (6%) IPA Clear gold with frothy white head. Herbal, fruit, grass, dough aroma. Flavor is a biscuit sweetness with no bitter finish
Ireland JJ Craft Brewing Co Bills Red Ale (5%) Red Ale Brewed with 100% Irish ale malt, Munich malt, caramel and chocolate malt giving the beer slight caramel and chocolate tones, together with hops like Columbus, Summit and Nugget to impart an aromatic, spicy and herbal aroma.
Ireland Rye River Brewing Co McGargles Little Bangin IPA (3.8%) IPA Session IPA with tropical Fruits, Tangerines, hints of candy & a lightly bready & nutty malt balance