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Skipton Beer Festival

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Skipton Beer Festival 2022

28th to 30th April

The Town Hall, High Street,
Skipton, BD23 1AH


Thursday 28th April Open: 3pm - 10pm
Admission: £2
Friday 29th April Open: 11am - 10pm
Admission: £3.50
Saturday 30th April Open: 11am - 8pm
Admission: £3.50

Card carrying members £1 at all times.

There are no advanced sales, tickets are purchased at the door

Children/under 18's and proof of age

The festival is strictly over 18's only. Under 18s will not be allowed into the main hall and we cannot guarantee to accommodate them elsewhere. We will ask anybody who appears to be under 21 for proof that they are over 18. Once checked at the door you will be given an "Age verified" wristband for your and our convenience.


The festival is run under the principles of S.T.A.N.D. and anybody currently barred by S.T.A.N.D. is not allowed into the festival.


The festival organisers or any member of staff has the right to refuse admission, or to ask a customer to leave and if necessary, be escorted from the premises if they are considered a risk to themselves or others, or are causing a nuisance.

Disabled access

We have disabled access, the entrance is at the side of the building along Jerry Croft. If you need assistance please contact us before the festival and let us know when you will be arriving or ask a companion to speak to door staff on arrival.


Souvenir glasses cost £3 and can be purchased from the glasses stand. Please keep the same glass throughout the session and look after it. If you would like a clean glass at at point please go to the glasses stand who will exchange it for a clean glass. The glasses are marked with third of a pint lines should you wish to try a wider range of different beers. You can take the glass away as a souvenir or return it to the glasses stall for a refund. No glass, no beer!

'Popping out' of the festival

If you wish to leave the festival and return later, you will need wrist band. See the door staff before you leave to obtain one. Glasses with beer in them cannot be taken from the festival - carrier bags are available from the door staff. Note: At busy times you may have to wait or queue to re-enter the festival.


The beer festival indoors is entirely no smoking and no vaping this includes E cigarettes. People wishing to smoke need to go outside use our designated smoking area, due to the nature of the venue this is limited space. Please do not stand in the front or side entrances to smoke.


This year's charity is Cancer Support Yorkshire.
[Cancer Support Yorkshire logo]
For thirty years, Cancer Support Yorkshire has been offering practical and emotional support to people affected by a cancer diagnosis when they most need our help. Cancer Support Yorkshire is here as and when you need us. For details about the Skipton Centre visit: cancersupportyorkshire.org.uk/centres/skipton.


Food is available throughout most of the festival sessions. The catering is supplied by Drake & Macefield, a family butchers based in Skipton. Vegetarian choice will be available. The food service will close before the end of the session, so if you definitely want food, please check with the catering staff to ensure you don't miss out.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks will be available at the festival.

Cash or Card payment

Card payment can be accepted on the door and at the bar. Cash payment can be accepted throughout the festival.


A small selection of wine will be available at the festival.


Dogs are not permitted at the festival with the exception of assistance dogs.

Information and Queries

If you have any queries about CAMRA, the festival, the local area or any other related subject, the staff on the membership stand will endeavour to answer, or if they can't then they will try to find someone who can.

If you have any queries prior to festival please use the Contact us page.