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Skipton Beer Festival 2018
12th to 14th April

Shirlock Sheep with magnifying glass


Skipton Beer Festival 2018

12th to 14th April

Ermysted's Grammar School

If you would like to advertise at Skipton beer festival we have opportunities to advertise in the programme or display 'pull up' banners at the festival plus a few other opportunities to get involved. We would also welcome donations for the prize draws. If you would like to advertise in this year's programme or in any other way at the festival please contact:-
Andy Moore. E Mail:
email address as graphic
Tel:01274 822841.

Programme advertising

All Skipton Beer Festival customers receive a programme when they arrive at the festival, listing the beers and ciders available with additional articles about cask ale, CAMRA, local pubs etc.

Advertising rates for the 2018 programme are:-

Quarter page colour£50
Half page colour£82
Full page colour inside£150
Full page colour inside cover  £163
Full page colour back cover  £210
Centre two page spread£300
Quarter page mono£44
Half page mono£71
Full page mono inside£130
Set up charge2£10

We also have available a 'Brewer's Premium ad' available to any brewery included at the festival. This will be run within the beer list, near to the brewers' beers in the list for maximum customer impact.
£100 or approx equivalent value of beer.

2Set up cost is only charged if an advert has to be created or is significantly amended by the editor.


At the festival we have banner space for both 'pull up' banners inside the venue and larger banners displayed outside on the approach to the festival entrance.

Single standard 'pull up' banner 1m sq base £44
Single wide banner (outside) 3m x 1m max   £55

Foreign Beer Bar

Pub and/or Pubco naming on the front of the foreign bottled beer bar. £100.

Corporate hospitality

We also have limited opportunities for corporate hospitality, please contact Andy Moore for details.

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